At Innovize, we are privileged to have a team of exceptional associates who are deeply committed to our shared purpose of creating a culture and products that improve people’s lives. Every day, our associates harness their passion and drive to achieve remarkable feats in their work.

To celebrate and recognize these exceptional achievements, we have a special program where five associates are chosen by their peers each quarter for their outstanding accomplishments in areas such as Improved Product Quality, Increased Profitability, Revenue Growth, Meaningful Experience, and Living our Values.

This program highlights the incredible efforts of our associates and serves as a testament to their dedication and hard work. It is an opportunity for us to honor their contributions and inspire others to reach new heights in their own work.

Join us in celebrating our remarkable associates and their accomplishments at Innovize!


Patty Katz – Improved Product Quality

Patty’s recognition: “Thank you for all your help over the last couple months. You’ve processed 100’s of expired raw parts and old tool sales orders. This takes an extensive amount of time to review, analyze, and create. This has been a huge bonus to our current tooling racks to clean out the old tools to make space for the new ones without adding any additional space! It has also allowed us to eliminate the risk of kitting expired materials by processing the SO# and dispositioning. Thank you!”

Thank you, Patty, for everything that you do!



Deb Merchant – Increased Profitability

Deb’s recognition: “You rocked on the 3M cleaning tools. I know you like working on these and you do a great job training other associates to ensure die-cutting does not have issues when they are cut. I know the die-cutters love it when you assemble these because they do not need to chase the cut. Training another associate, you STILL assembled these under the estimated hours. Great job!!! Thank you!!”

Great work Deb! We are so fortunate to have you at Innovize!



David Mencke – Revenue Growth

David’s recognition: “Thank you David for taking ownership of the [customer product] orders and knowing the details that are needed to get these up and running after we finally got the materials that we needed! You have a great plan to get through as many of these this month to make up some deficits in the customer’s inventory, as well as helping to contribute to our revenue goals!! It’s awesome to work with you!”

David is a Team Lead in the sheet converting department at Innovize, where he collaborates and problem solves with other associates and advisors to produce new products for many customers. He enjoys working with many different types of materials and converting equipment to produce products that improve and save peoples’ lives.

For David, waking up and going to work every day is easy because he says he works with a company that cares about him and his fellow associates. Knowing that everyone’s voice matters and collaborating with problem solvers is what drives him to show up at his best.

One of David’s favorite projects at Innovize involved updating an old job traveler that had 24 operations used to produce a complex part with little to no pictures and no videos explaining each process in the job traveler. Working with many associates, advisors, sales team members, and engineers, David updated the job traveler and created videos to better explain the process. He found the process enjoyable and exciting, and he said it was amazing to see what he could accomplish when he had a team of problem solvers on his side.

When he’s not at work, David loves spending time with his family and friends fishing. Chasing trophy panfish has always been a passion of his since he was a little kid. David is a self-proclaimed crazy cat guy who loves spending time with his two cats, Loki and Sparkle Nose.

Way to go David! You are a star associate!


Tyler Woolstencroft – Living Our Values

Tyler’s recognition: “You are AWESOME! I want to thank you for the job you had done yesterday. Due to heavy snow conditions, our team members couldn’t come to work but you stepped up and handled the task in the Quality CMM Room all by yourself. You took my instruction over the phone very well. Even though this is your first week on our team, you are a quick learner and a very good team player. I am glad to have you on our team.”

Tyler says his motivation to work every day is knowing that the products he helps create will positively impact people’s lives.

As a Quality CMM Technician, one of Tyler’s favorite projects at Innovize involved testing parts for a process improvement that would allow the company to produce more adhesive strips used after surgeries. These strips decrease healing time and reduce scarring after healing, making them an amazing product that can help a lot of people.

Apart from work, Tyler has a keen interest in science and space. He enjoys reading articles about new discoveries being made about objects in the farthest reaches of space. Tyler finds it exciting to learn that there is so much more out there waiting to be discovered, and he loves reading more about them as discoveries unfold.

Congratulations on your recognition Tyler! Keep it up!


Martha Kline – Meaningful Experience

Martha’s recognition: “You have been guiding me through the complex change management process and throughout the last two months, you have been exceedingly knowledgeable, patient, and thorough in your approach. You always make yourself available for my many questions, even though you have your own workload and deadlines to meet. You have made me feel very welcome and comfortable in my time here at Innovize. I couldn’t ask for a better trainer!”

This is what we like to hear! Keep up the great work Martha!



Congratulations, again, to all of our Ascending Associates!

Check back in July to meet our Q2 2023 Rockstars!