Innovize has recently made an exciting addition to its production capabilities – three delta-style robots along with custom-built cases to house them. These robots are expected to bring several benefits to the company’s manufacturing processes, including faster cycle times, increased accuracy, and better repeatability.

One of the primary advantages of incorporating these robots is their ability to perform multiple cycles per second, which is much faster than the seconds-per-cycle that the company’s existing robots can achieve.

They also come equipped with dual machine vision cameras and dual web tracking, which will enhance their accuracy and repeatability. This will allow the robots to perform tasks with a much higher level of precision, resulting in improved product quality and consistency. The robots are also much more robust than the existing ones, making them better suited to handle the demands of a busy production environment.

The three robots that Innovize has purchased are not identical – two of them are 4-axis machines, while the third is a 6-axis. All three robots are food-grade, which means that they are suitable for use in medical manufacturing environments. The delta design allows for excellent speed and precision, making them ideal for the types of tasks that Innovize has in mind.

To ensure that the robots are housed safely and can be moved easily, Innovize’s Manufacturing Engineer, Tristan Klancke, designed and built custom cases to house them. The frames of these 4,000-lb cases have height adjustability and safety guarding, ensuring that the robots can be moved without risk of damage, and associates working alongside the machine will be protected.

The robots can be used in-line with Innovize’s multiple converting presses to catch parts, or they can be used as standalone machines. With the flexibility that these robots offer, Innovize is sure to find many more ways to use them in the future.

Overall, the addition of these robots is a significant step forward for Innovize’s manufacturing capabilities. The increased speed, accuracy, and repeatability that they offer will help to improve production efficiency and product quality. With the custom cases designed to house them, Innovize can be confident that these robots will be safe and easy to move around the production floor.


Check out these videos to see them in action!