Innovize talks a pretty big game when it comes to our culture. But how does anyone outside of our company know that we mean what we say?

Check out the REAL LIFE stories from our associates of our company culture in action:


“After the George Floyd incident in Minneapolis, a group of associates challenged John (Innovize’s CEO). John took the message from the associates extremely seriously and spent the next two years learning and understanding the experiences of our associates. Because of this, we now have several new practices in place to ensure every associate feels included, empowered, and heard. It was meaningful to our team to implement these equity, inclusion, and belonging improvements and it was meaningful to know that we have an environment here where that group of associates felt safe to voice their concerns.”


“One of our Business Development Managers “got her hands dirty” and hopped on the end of a press, catching parts along side us on the production team to help us meet a customers’ deadline. This was a great example of how we work as one team to get things done!”


“I have been fortunate enough to have Innovize help further my growth in continued learning by being able to obtain lean certifications. I am on my fourth one now and have gained so much extra knowledge that has benefited my career here. Thanks Innovize!”


“Two weeks after I had gotten back from maternity leave, my newborn came down with RSV and had to be hospitalized for nine days. I had burned up all of my PTO during my maternity leave, and couldn’t quite swing unpaid days off. Several of my wonderful co-associates selflessly donated some of their valuable PTO to me so I could be with my son in the hospital without struggling to make ends meet.”


“One of our associate’s son had been diagnosed with Cancer and was undergoing is fifth round of Chemotherapy. Over the holidays, other associates made cards and bought him a Nintendo Switch for Christmas. Our associate also had the ability to come and go as needed, which was a really meaningful experience for her as a single mom juggling so much in her personal life.”


“We once had an individual come in for a tour. You could see she had experienced so many things in her life, but she was still searching for the purpose she was missing. Our work creating products that help to save and improve peoples’ lives helped to instill a sense of purpose in her life. It’s nice to see we can fill that gap for people.”


“I was once traveling with Dave Jessen (Innovize’s VP of Sales and Marketing). He travels so often that he frequently gets upgraded to first class. He switched seats with me so I could get the first class experience. I did feel bad looking back and seeing him all squished in his row…so I stopped looking back.”


“We once had an associate who was going through a troublesome time leading to chemical dependency. Most companies would choose to terminate an associate who is struggling in this way, but Innovize instead worked with this individual to find another path. Together, Innovize and the associate sought outside support and ultimately we saw improvement in this individual’s work and personal life.”


“It’s hard to put into words the feeling of leaving Innovize today but what I can say is they are in every way true to their culture, the sense of belonging is second to none, and the friendships built will continue on for years to come!”


“I am grateful for the support and trust that I receive from my advisor.  He is an inspiration for me to improve and grow.”



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