At Innovize, we have outstanding associates that are passionate about our purpose of creating a culture and products that improve people’s lives. This passion drives our associates to do some pretty incredible things every day in their work. Each quarter, five associates are selected by their peers for a recent outstanding achievement in areas of Improved Product Quality, Increases Profitability, Revenue Growth, Meaningful Experience, and Living our Values.



Deb Merchant- Improved Product Quality

Deb was recognized for her improvement of the die cutting process on a recent project. She helped modify our process and the results have been great. Her contributions have now allowed for a more efficient production – we are saving time and money because of the changes Deb helped implement. Awesome job Deb, keep it up!

Deb works in Sheet Converting as a Technical Lead at Innovize. She often works with adhesives and applies them to different materials. As a Technical Lead, Deb supports her team by getting materials when needed and keeping production in order.

“What motivates me every day to come in to work is hoping I can make a difference,” said Deb. “Most importantly,” she added, “it’s about making someone’s life better with the products we produce.”

Deb’s favorite project she’s worked on so far at Innovize is a foam disc used to prevent catheter infection. She has been involved with this product since development, and is dedicated each day to improving the process and reducing quality issues.

Outside of work, Deb loves “glamping” with her fiancé in their travel trailer.


Maggie Newberry- Increases Profitability

Maggie impressed us all with her top-notch work ethic on a recent printing job. She printed multiple jobs over the course of just a few days, saving more than 50 hours in labor. She even broke an all-time personal record for an on-going stethoscope diaphragm printing project! Thank you for your hard work, Maggie, way to go!

Maggie is a Screen Print Operator at Innovize, but she wears many hats here as she has been cross-training in other areas of production. She is committed to lean production, which includes minimizing waste in the manufacturing process. “I like doing a wide variety of projects at this stage of my career,” said Maggie. “It keeps things interesting and I love learning new things!”

Making top-quality products that improve people’s lives motivates Maggie’s work each day. “My fellow associates and friends also motivate me,” she adds. “You see, we truly are a culture of people who care. I could give you my examples, but the list is way too long! That is a great thing!”

Her favorite project is the stethoscope diaphragm project, mentioned above. She is proud to help produce a product that is used in the medical field every day! This makes the taxing production process worth it.

Outside of work, Maggie enjoys gardening and getting out on her pontoon with friends and family.


Cory Kueber- Living Our Values

Cory did not hesitate to step up and put in extra effort to keep production running smoothly. At the end of his shift, Cory stayed to help the operators on the night shift solve a problem with the equipment. His willingness to help made a huge difference that day. We appreciate your dedication to Innovize and the team! Thank you, Cory!





Ruth Huncovsky- Meaningful Associate Experience

Ruth has been the go-to associate for the on-boarding and training of new associates in manufacturing. She works to promote the progress of new staff as they move on to new tasks. Ruth oversees multiple trainees at a time and works hard to welcome them all to a safe and positive work environment. You are awesome, Ruth! Thank you so much!

Ruth is a Team Lead in Rotary Converting at Innovize. She teaches associates and temporary workers about product quality, processes, and procedures. She also acts as a peer buddy to make sure new associates feel welcome at work, helping to build meaningful relationships.

Ruth loves her job because the work she does improves people’s lives. “I am very excited about what I do,” said Ruth. “I look forward to going to work every day.”

Ruth loves running the snap machine at Innovize. She makes sure the machine runs smoothly and consistently measures the position of the machine. She likes this because she knows her contributions produce quality goods for our customers.

Something most people don’t know about Ruth – she is a registered wedding officiant, and she performs many ceremonies for the Hispanic community!


Brian Hughes- Revenue Growth

Brian was recognized for his exceptional business development skills and his role in growing revenue for the company – he recently had a multi-million-dollar day in sales for the company!

As one of our seasoned Business Development Managers, Brian works closely with the members of one our Customer Focused Teams to take care of our existing customers and uncover new opportunities in the medical device market. “I enjoy working on the products we make for our customers,” said Brian. “It’s exciting to work on cutting-edge medical products.”

One of Brian’s favorite projects that he’s had the opportunity to work on here at Innovize is the development of a diagnostic sweat patch. “It has been the most challenging project that our company has ever attempted, and we have found many great solutions to create a really cool and innovative product,” he said.

Outside of work, Brian serves as a board member for a local charity that helps reduce food insecurity for children and their families.

Brian just celebrated his 30-year anniversary with Innovize, and he continues to put in the work and create meaningful and sustainable customer relationships. Way to go Brian, thank you for everything you do!


Congratulations, again, to all of our Ascending Associates!

Check back in October to meet our Q3 Rockstars!


Written by Haley Darling