At Innovize, we are privileged to have a team of exceptional associates who are deeply committed to our shared purpose of creating a culture and products that improve people’s lives. Every day, our associates harness their passion and drive to achieve remarkable feats in their work.

To celebrate and recognize these exceptional achievements, we have a special program where five associates are chosen by their peers each quarter for their outstanding accomplishments in areas such as Improved Product Quality, Increased Profitability, Revenue Growth, Meaningful Experience, and Living our Values.

This program highlights the incredible efforts of our associates and serves as a testament to their dedication and hard work. It is an opportunity for us to honor their contributions and inspire others to reach new heights in their own work.

Join us in celebrating our remarkable associates and their accomplishments at Innovize!



Gary Fariss – Improved Product Quality

Gary’s recognition: “I wanted to tell you how impressed I was when I witnessed your training techniques with the [customer] team. You created an exam for the associates and were in the process of reviewing their results. Although there were incorrect answers, it wasn’t what the associate got wrong, it was your way of engaging all of them in the correct answers and making it a positive learning experience. With this new way of training, I know it will have a positive effect on our product and ensure happy customers!”

Thank you, Gary, for everything that you do!

Patty Katz – Increased Profitability

Patty’s recognition: “I can’t thank you enough for all the work you put into going through all of this past year’s invoices from [supplier] and calculating all the extra service charges we were charged. I know this was no simple task but with your due diligence we are looking at getting [a significant amount] in credits…You rocked it!! Great job!!”

Great work Patty! We are so fortunate to have you at Innovize!


Kyle Brandt – Revenue Growth

Kyle’s recognition: “Thank you for your work on the Excel forecasting template for importing data into Epicor via the forecast entry tool. The work you’ve done has saved us an immeasurable amount of time and helped us to stay on track with our goal of being able to properly plan for capacity and labor needs into the future. With your help, we’re ahead of where I thought we’d be by now and I couldn’t be more excited about it. Thank you!!”

As a Project Manager for our Orange Customer Focused Team, Kyle spends his days striving to gather and distill information on various projects so that he can recommend appropriate actions and timelines for our customers and associates. One of Kyle’s favorite projects that he’s worked on so far was a wearable diagnostic patch that measures the user’s sweat profile. “That project really stretched Innovize’s abilities as it went beyond our typical project in web handling by also dispensing assays into the product,” he said. “It has been rewarding to see it go from very cumbersome to a product that we can comfortably manufacture and, in doing so, extend our team’s abilities for future projects.”

A fun fact about Kyle is that he was declared legally deaf for part of kindergarten because he purposefully failed the hearing test. Some strategic ice cream bribery from his parents magically restored his hearing to normal levels.

Way to go Kyle! You are a star associate!

Nhia Thao – Living Our Values

Nhia’s recognition: “I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you do for our team and Innovize. You decided to bring work related material to the ESL classes so associates can better understand various requirements. A couple of examples… reading job jackets to better understand the instructions for each operation, scorecard training, Master Control, and production vocabulary.  You’re continually looking for innovative ways to improve each associates experience at Innovize. You’re the best!!!”

As a group lead in our production area, Nhia loves coming to work to learn and develop new skills from the people around her. “Something I do at Innovize is finding processes that work for myself and my team and encountering new knowledge from the people I work with and find the ability of each individual to find resources that meets their needs on the production floor,” she said.

Nhia loves to fish and travel and explore the world.

Congratulations on your recognition Nhia! Keep it up!

Alina Yang – Meaningful Experience

Alina’s recognition: “Thank you for your work identifying various food trucks that have been here the past three weeks.  The waffle I had today was amazing!!! Thanks for creating Meaningful Associate Experiences!!!”

Alina is one of our valued members for the Human Resources team here at Innovize. She helps manage and prepare HR documents, helps associates with various issues that may arise, and provide support to the HR team. “What motivates me to wake up and go to work every day is that I have the opportunity to make a meaningful impact here at Innovize and be a resource for our associates,” she said. “I am also driven by the satisfaction that comes from performing well and taking pride in my work.”

One of Alina’s favorite HR projects that she has worked on was coordinating the annual flu shot clinic held at Innovize for our associates. “Flu season can take a toll on our associate health, company productivity, and health care costs. This event is an easy, cost-effective way to make sure our associates are protected,” she said.

Alina loves singing (in the privacy of her car), and being a mom to two beautiful girls.

Keep up the great work Alina!


Congratulations, again, to all of our Ascending Associates!

Check back in October to meet our Q3 2023 Rockstars!