We are excited to share a significant milestone in our journey toward fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Recently, we had the honor of participating in the 2023 Racial Equity Dividends Index for the Private Sector, an initiative led by the Center for Economic Inclusion, and as a result were recognized by the Ramsey County Workforce Innovation Board.

As proud Inclusive Workplaces Cohort members, we’ve dedicated months to learning, taking action, and fostering accountability to advance racial equity and inclusion in our organizations, communities, and beyond. Aligned with Ramsey County’s Economic Competitiveness and Inclusion Plan, this transformative initiative, in partnership with the Workforce Innovation Board, aims to create sustainable workplaces of equity, inclusion, and belonging. Guided by the Center for Economic Inclusion, we’ve explored topics from the economic imperative of racial equity to strategies for leadership practices, retention, and cultural inclusion.

This experience was more than just an assessment; it was a reaffirmation of our unwavering commitment to being an anti-racist organization. The Index provided us with a comprehensive understanding of where we stand against the leading standards for building an anti-racist workplace. It has been a reflective and insightful process, shedding light on the areas where we excel and those where we aspire to grow.

In June, we received our customized score report, a testament to the efforts we’ve made and the path that lies ahead. This report is not just a set of numbers; it represents the heartbeat of our organizational culture and our dedication to creating a space where everyone, irrespective of their race or background, feels valued and empowered.

We are proud to announce that, along with the score report, we’ve received the official 2023 Index Participant Badge. This badge is more than just a symbol; it’s a promise and a reminder of the responsibility we bear. We’re excited to share this badge, openly showcasing our commitment to this crucial cause.

Our partnership with the Center for Economic Inclusion has been invaluable. Their team of strategists, researchers, advocates, and analysts have provided us with the tools and solutions necessary to actualize our vision for our workplace. This journey aligns not only with our purpose of creating a culture and products that improve peoples’ lives but also bolsters our bottom line by fostering a diverse and inclusive environment that encourages innovation and growth.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Center for their guidance and support. As we continue on this path, we are reminded of the importance of solidarity and collective action in making our regional economy inclusive and equitable for all.

A huge shout out to our Human Resources team for being our force for good and driving change – Alina Yang, Alayna Vang, Ia Yang, and Ethel Garcia.

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