After 50 Years, GML Changing Company Name to Innovize

JULY 20, 2009 – St. Paul, MN – St. Paul-based contract manufacturing company GML, Inc. announced that it is formally changing its name to “Innovize,” effective September 1, 2009. Innovize Owner and CEO, John Ledy, whose father Scott Ledy founded the company in 1958, notes that there are no changes in the ownership or management structure. “The GML name has earned a strong reputation in the market and served us well for over 50 years. As we celebrate our 50 year mark, we’ve decided to embrace a new name to carry us forward for the next 50 years and beyond. The Innovize name is more memorable, and it signals our differentiation and value in the custom development and manufacturing market.”

About the “Innovize” Name and Identity

The name “Innovize” has its roots in the words “innovate” and “customize,” both of which reflect the company’s role contributing to new product development and custom manufacturing solutions.

The logo features a “molecule” graphic dotting the “i” symbolizing connections and suggesting the idea of scientific discovery and innovation. In the chemistry world this graphic element signals a stable connection held together by very strong bonds; this also symbolizes the company’s relationship with customers, suppliers and associates.

The logo is paired with the tagline “let’s make it better,” which invites customers, suppliers and associates to work with Innovize to improve products and manufacturing processes. This also supports the company’s, and many medical clients’, vision to improve people’s lives.

50+ Years in the Making

GML was founded in 1958 by Scott and Gail Ledy, who named the company using Gail’s initials (Gail M. Ledy).  Since that time, through a combination of organic growth and select acquisitions, the company has grown to serve product design, development, manufacturing and assembly clients as well as materials manufacturers. In 2003 GML created a separate company for the retail business, named Immedia, which produces in-store displays and graphics. GML continued to evolve its custom product development and manufacturing services for customers in the medical, electronics and assembly markets. More than 80% of Innovize business is in the medical consumable products for personal care, patient care and diagnostic applications. As a privately-held company, Innovize does not release revenue figures; however, the company has experienced an average 15% annual growth rate.

About Innovize

Innovize offers new thinking in custom development and manufacturing for the full product lifecycle, from early stage concepts to full-scale manufacturing and next-generation product planning. Innovize is a GMP-compliant and ISO 9001:2008-certified partner for innovative solutions in personal care, patient care, diagnostics, and electronics markets. From product concept and development through packaging, Innovize produces subassembly components and turnkey disposable devices from short runs to full-scale production. Development support capabilities include design validation, process development, materials sourcing, cost targeting, prototyping, clinical trials, inventory systems and supply chain management. Manufacturing capabilities include slitting; laminating; die and laser cutting; flexographic, digital, and screen printing; and clean room/dry room production and packaging.

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Dave Jessen
Owner, Vice President – Sales & Marketing
Innovize (formerly GML)