At Innovize, we have outstanding associates that are passionate about our purpose of creating a culture and products that improve people’s lives. This passion drives our associates to do some pretty incredible things in their work. Each quarter, four associates are selected by their peers for a recent outstanding achievement in areas of Improved Product Quality, Increased Profitability, Revenue Growth, and Living our Values.


Marlon Rubio Hernandez – Improved Product Quality

Marlon was recognized for creating and sharing new diagrams and set up instructions for a project running on our presses. These detailed documents identified all the equipment and pieces needed for this project, as well as instructions on where all of the pieces go, and how to set everything up to run successfully. This documentation will help others set up machines correctly to ensure quality parts are produced from the get-go. Way to go Marlon!


Josef Thomas – Increases Profitability

Innovize associates recognized Josef’s amazing work in speeding up parts produced on a machine by adding a piece of equipment to our press – all without jeopardizing the quality of the end product. The new speed at which these items are produced increased profitability for Innovize, but more importantly, created a faster turn time for our customer. Great work Josef!

Josef is a shift advisor on our Rotary Conversion team. Every day, he makes sure that all associates, tools, and machines are set and ready to successfully finish assigned tasks. He mentors others and works with his team to solve daily issues with production or quality, as well as spending time researching and resolving potential problems before those could create any hiccups in production. He is a valuable connection between several teams at Innovize, helping to minimize downtown and delays in production.

His responsibility and commitment to Innovize, his team, his community, his family, and himself is what drives him to come in to work each day.

One of Josef’s favorite projects he’s worked on at Innovize so far was one that started with struggles in production, losses, and an unsatisfied customer. After some observation, he pulled his team together to experiment with possible solutions. After some trial and error, and a few minor adjustments, they were able to turn the project around into a highly profitable one, with a happy and satisfied customer!

Kevin Gunderson – Living Our Values

One of our associates recognized Kevin for the outstanding coaching a training he provided her in her first year as an Estimator at Innovize. “No matter how busy you were, you would drop what you were doing and explain in detail the new processes that I was learning.  You were available anytime to answer questions and show me the ins and outs of the Estimator position. …  Your attention to detail and your knowledge of our company and estimating ability is amazing,” she wrote. Great job Kevin!


Jay Harles – Revenue Growth

Jay was recognized for his continual troubleshooting and process updates to a specific project. Ultimately, Jay created a robust solution that increased production speed and up time on our press, generating additional revenue. Keep up the great work, Jay!


Check back in October to meet our Q3 Ascending Associates!