At Innovize, our purpose is to create a culture and products that improve people’s lives. We continually live our purpose by setting and achieving new visions that drive our business practices. Our newest vision, just launched in 2020, is:

Meaningful Associate Experiences; Extraordinary Customer Experiences

One way we’ve invested in our associates is by offering ESL courses for our diverse group of associates. Many members of our team have English as a second, or maybe even third language. ESL courses help to improve communication company-wide, and offer many opportunities for growth for these individuals in and outside of Innovize.

Well, they did it! Our first group of 10 ESL students graduated the course last week. They celebrated by making a delicious treat from an all-English recipe.



Congratulations to Pang Khang, Pao Vang, Douaneng Vang, E Phua Chong, Pasia Ha, Bla Thao, Bao Yang, Mee Vang, Sher Yang, and Yangmee Vue! We are beyond excited to see the opportunities and advancements that unfold because of your ever-expanding confidence in the English language.