Innovize is getting in a pretty good rhythm in our new normal, but like the rest of the world, we’re still navigating the uncertainty of COVID-19. When will there be a vaccine? When can we visit our clients and partners? When will we be able to see more associates back in the office? While there are still a lot of unknowns, here’s an update of where Innovize stands today:

  • Video conferencing has completely taken over as our method of connecting and we are becoming masters at it! Many of our larger customers still have the majority of their associates working from home and it’s sounding like the majority will continue operating that way well into 2021.


  • MD&M East in New York, BIOMEDevice Boston, MD&M Minneapolis, AACC Chicago, BIOMEDevice San Jose, and a few other wearable sensor tradeshows are now officially cancelled or have transitioned to an all virtual platform for 2020. MD&M West, usually scheduled in February, is now scheduled for August 10th-12th – see you there?


  • The official order by Minnesota’s governor that we all must wear masks in public spaces still holds strong. Though, Innovize had already been practicing this preventative measure prior to the order. We just had our audit from CMMI (was on schedule to be a formal FDA program this past June, but was delayed due to COVID). The auditors made a point to note that we were the only company that has been audited and had a pre-existing pandemic policy before COVID hit. They went on to say that we are executing it and have updated it three times since March as we are learning more about the virus. In summary, our attention to process and detail clearly overlapped into our pandemic policy. We continue to avoid any major disruptions due to COVID and meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

I hope you, your families, and your coworkers stay in good health as we see this pandemic through. We’re looking forward to seeing our valued customers and partners in person again soon!

Thank you,

Dave Jessen

Owner/Vice President of Sales & Marketing