Innovize continues to move through the COVID-19 pandemic and as an “Essential Service” continues to produce products for our Medical and Personal Care customers.  We thought it would be good to give you another update in the midst of the pandemic:

  • Probably the biggest news is that we have yet to have a single case of COVID-19 among our 190+ associates!
  • We continue to take extraordinary measures to protect our associates who need to be on site each day to make your products:
    • Those of us who can work from home do, to protect those who can’t
    • Masks, gloves, disinfecting spray, temperature scanners are now the norm
    • Social distancing without being Socially Distant through WebEx and Zoom!
  • Our supply chain specialists continue to work through every raw material issue with good communication to impacted customers, and we have worked though them all!
  • While Q1-2020 was a little slower than we would have liked, we met our forecast goals in April!
  • We added 2 new Rotary presses in a new clean room (planned before all this started) and we continue to grow in capacity and capabilities!
  • We continue to be financially stable and while we usually operate with little to no debt, the uncertainty of these times has been lessened by receiving a PPP SBA Loan.
  • Last night our Minnesota governor announced he will dial back our stay at home restrictions allowing non-essential businesses and retailers to reopen on Monday, May 18. Bars, restaurants, gyms and salons can partially open June 1st.
  • On a personal note, after getting another COVID haircut from my wife (which I appreciate), she said that if I look straight ahead during my WebEx & Zoom calls, no one will ever see the right side!

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Dave Jessen

Owner/ Vice President Sales & Marketing

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