As an essential manufacturer, Innovize is now eligible to receive the COVID vaccine! We are so excited to be offering the first dose of the Moderna vaccine to all associates who wish to be vaccinated on Friday, April 2nd, right here on campus! The majority of our team will be fully vaccinated by April 23rd.

With many associates needing to be physically on-site due to the nature of their role, this is great news. Building defenses in our facility and in our communities is a team effort, and every associate is part of that defense. The vaccine will add one more layer of protection for all of us at Innovize, our families, and our customers.

We’ve started to resume some travel – we’ve visited a few customers, and we’ve had a few visit us. We are also anxiously awaiting our first in-person tradeshow since the start of the pandemic at MD&M West in Anaheim, California on August 10th-12th.

At Innovize, we are all still wearing our masks, checking visitor temperatures, and have large conference rooms with plenty of space to spread out. Whenever you’re ready, we’re ready to safely welcome you back to our facility. We can’t wait to meet with you face-to-face again!

We’re starting to see an uptick in our business surrounding elective surgery, which is another great sign that we’re approaching normalcy in the world. The increase in elective surgery projects, combined with the record number of new projects we closed in 2020, has set us up to have a successful 2021.


Thank you,

Dave Jessen

Owner/Vice President of Sales & Marketing