Wearable Sensor Solutions

If you have a wearable sensor idea, we can take your electronics, or your chemistry and build them into a finished sensing device. “Stick to Skin” sensors would be one of our primary areas of expertise.

Innovize has experience with literally hundreds of “stick to skin” products and dozens of “stick to skin” sensors. Because we know flexible materials and adhesives, as well as how to convert them into your sensor products, we are a great choice for a development and manufacturing partner.

How can we help you?

Innovize can take your electronic, chemistry or molded case and produce it in high volumes by placing it on a moving web which eventually becomes the skin contact part of your wearable sensor.
We could also take your flexible circuit and make a multilayer construction to create your wearable sensor.


We have 60+ years as a Contract Manufacturer and the last 15 years has been solely devoted to the Medical and Personal Care Markets. If you are designing a wearable sensor as a platform that may overlap into medical applications, why not work with a partner that is the industry quality leader. Innovize is ISO-13485 registered for medical device, FDA drug registered and has over 30 devices registered with the FDA as the manufacturer of record for a finished medical device.

Innovize can offer you:

  • Materials expertise- we are a recommended converter for all of the top medical adhesive companies
  • Prototypes- iterative development with our engineering team
  • Design Assistance for manufacturability- important as we scale up your product
  • Automated production and packaging for your finished wearable sensor

All guided by our time tested Speed to Market process, More Than Just Speed SM

We have made finished devices, or component parts for sensors related to:

  • Blood Glucose – Reflectance and Electrochemical
    • Components for billions of test strips
    • Finished strips into a vial for private label diabetes testing
  • Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)
    • Our skin contact patch holds electronics on the body that receives signals from an implantable sensor. The result can be read on your smartphone.
    • The natural progression after sensing your blood glucose levels, is to deliver insulin. Innovize components are used to stick the delivery systems to the skin in some of the bestselling insulin pumps in the world.
  • Pulse Oximetry- heart rate and blood oxygen levels
  • Brain Waves- adult and neonatal applications
  • Diagnostic Testing for disease
    • Integration of a flexible circuit into our rotary process to produce a multi-layer finished test device
  • Cardiac Monitoring
    • Reusable electronics snap to the disposable sensor

We have Development Projects in our Speed to Market process, More Than Just Speed SM, related to:

  • Electro Chemical Sensors and Biosensors
  • Sweat Based Sensor Hydration and Detection
    • We can cut microfluidic channels with our rotary laser and assemble a multi-layer part that sticks to the skin
    • We can deposit your chemistry, which can then be activated by sweat to cause a reaction
    • We can often take these parts right into automated packaging in our class 8 (100,000) cleanroom. Pouching can be Flexographically printed or variable data printed, as well as a moisture barrier, if needed.
  • Temperature Detection
  • Force and Pressure Detection
  • Microneedle based products
    • We stick the sensor to the skin and the micro needles read chemical changes from the interstitial tissue
  • RFID enabled wearables