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For over 60 years, Innovize has been offering custom development and manufacturing solutions including converting, contract manufacturing and packaging for components or finished medical devices and personal care products. We have published white papers and eBooks to help you make your difficult decisions easier.

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Consiliso is fundamentally different from traditional process or lean improvement programs.  Consiliso specifically defines how to take a proven system engineering approach to implement and integrate all business processes across any medical device company.  Consiliso Founder, Author, and Innovize VP of Quality, Mark Rutkiewicz has been the industry for over 30 years and has been in leadership positions at a half-dozen different medical device companies where he has built or rebuilt the entire Quality, Regulatory, Clinical, Financial, and Environmental Business Systems, essentially changing the fundamental aspects of how the company performed its work.

The Blueprint for Integrating Business Processes in Medical Device Companies

Consiliso: The Blueprint for Integrating Business Processes in Medical Device Companies.

Consiliso Medical Device Company

Medical Device Company in a Box

Medical Device Company in a Box—The Case for Consiliso—A Blueprint for Quality Systems

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Services available on Consiliso.com

Service available on Consiliso.com:

  • Access the most current updates to the textbook.
  • Search our database of Laws, Regulations, Guidance and Standards to define your external requirements.
  • Access Consiliso process and procedure templates to build your quality system.

Case Studies

Since Innovize offers custom development and manufacturing, every customer relationship has a unique story. The following case studies share the challenges, solutions and results of select client projects. We invite you to review these project highlights and contact us to review your specific issues and learn how Innovize can apply the knowledge gained from these projects toward your product challenges.

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