Leaving A Legacy


Innovize has always believed in giving back to the community. We have been living our value of “People Who Care” since the company was founded in 1958 and in the last decade or so, that value has been further defined to “Leaving A Legacy”. While we still match contributions our associates are making to their favorite charities, we decided that aligning ourselves with a philanthropic partner would be the best way to make a lasting difference.

Dr. Dan Saltzman, Chief of Thoracic Surgery, offered to take John Ledy and Dave Jessen on a tour of the Children’s Hospital at University of Minnesota. They sat down with representatives

of the University of Minnesota Foundation who shared some of the opportunities for Innovize and our associates to donate and volunteer at the hospital. It was concluded that U of M Children’s Hospital was a great philanthropic partner for Innovize for many reasons:

  • U of M Children’s Hospital is filled with “people who care” and are really making a difference in the lives of some of the sickest children in the country.
  • As a research hospital, the doctors are pioneering new and innovative procedures that will make a lasting difference to children’s medicine.
  • U of M Children’s Hospital embraces a culture of quality and performance excellence and uses measurement and meaningful data to drive improvement. Their team based approach and high engagement matches very well with our culture at Innovize.
  • Innovize associates have an opportunity to donate both money and time, no matter how large or small, in a very meaningful way.
  • U of M Children’s Hospital has a very organized and welcoming environment for volunteers and makes it easy for us to become involved and make meaningful donations of our time and money.
  • When volunteering at the hospital, Innovize associates can see many of the products they helped make being used to care for sick children. This connection makes everyone’s work more meaningful and purposeful.

We are excited about all of the opportunities with the U of M Children’s Hospital and have already started to weave them into several of our Innovize events. Our dedicated associates have also begun volunteering their time at the hospital providing hands-on support.

Look for future updates on our News page as we take meaningful actions that support our purpose at Innovize, “Creating a culture and products that improve people’s lives”.