Speed to Market SM

We understand that the time it takes to get your product to market and the milestones along the way are best measured in days and weeks, not months and years. Our Speed to Market SM process is a unique way that we work with you starting with a shared vision and timeline. From the start, you will work with our dedicated team to guide your product through the stages of 1) feasibility, 2) planning, 3) development and 4) manufacturing transfer.

We will rely on you to clearly communicate your user needs and product specifications. You can rely on Innovize ® and our Speed to Market SM process for:

  • Materials knowledge with well-established supply chains
  • Design assistance for manufacturability
  • A Speed to Market SM team of professionals at Innovize® (from sales, materials, engineering, estimating, quality engineering, scheduling and manufacturing) focused on your project
  • A robust Speed to Market SM process, supported by custom software and focused on your timeline
  • A development process that includes prototypes, process development, process characterization (and tolerances) product qualification, and even sterilization validation if desired
  • Seamless transition into cost effective manufacturing, product launch and next generation development
  • ISO -13485 and GMP compliant Quality systems
  • An established company that does business with the majority of the top 25 medical device companies worldwide, including all of the top 5 companies, whose purpose is:

“To create a culture and products that improves people’s lives”

We’ll help you make it better at any stage, whether you choose to engage Innovize early in product ideation sessions, in design review and feasibility or in prototyping and packaging development. Our experienced team can help with materials specification and sourcing, process development and streamlining and other steps to evolve your product toward market.

Product Planning

Innovize can help you factor product viability, intellectual property, risk management, strategic sourcing and target cost management in your early-stage product development.

Design Review and Development

Assessing manufacturability of your design, materials and processes, Innovize team members can help you with design enhancement recommendations and iterative development stages.

Materials Selection and Process Development

Leveraging supplier relationships and our collective knowledge of materials options and performance qualities, Innovize can help you select, source and convert the best adhesives, films, foils, tapes and other materials into valuable consumable products and sub-assembly components. For existing products, we often help improve product performance with new materials and production processes.

Pilot Production and Prototyping

Innovize is equipped with the knowledge, processes and facilities to help you with product validation and proof-of-concept evaluation samples, supporting clinical trials and other approval stages – all produced with environmental clean-room and dry-room controls to assure quality.

Packaging & Distribution

Beyond the converting, production and semi-automated assembly of your product, Innovize can help with package design, in-line pouching and printing, as well as planning and managing contracted services, such as sterilization, logistics and freight.

Quality, Certification & Compliance

A Lean Sigma organization, Innovize offers quality audits, testing and documentation, in an ISO 9001:2015 facility, offering labeling and traceability with strict lot controls.

Outsourced Speed to Market SM

There are times when it is just quicker to do things yourself. If it gets complicated with specialized skills, you involve your team. Why not involve our team?

Thinking ahead. Early planning and a shared vision make a big impact down the line. Innovize offers you proven approach to complement your process, with custom plan development, team-to-team collaboration and proactive communications at key checkpoints to keep everyone moving toward your target.

Let’s make it better.®

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