File Prep Guidelines

Mac or PC art is acceptable as long as the file follows the art requirements.

Software Requirements:

Applications we can support include:

• Quark Xpress 6.1 • Adobe Photoshop CS4 • Adobe InDesign CS4
• Adobe Illustrator CS4 • Freehand 8 • Adobe Acrobat 7

All versions of software are current. We can always use earlier versions.
*If you are using software that is not listed above, please call us to discuss compatibility.

PDF Files – It will be assumed that no manipulation will be needed on a pdf file unless noted.
All supplied pdf files should be converted to CMYK and have an embedded profile for our
screen printing and digital process.
Guidelines for files sent:

• Please include hard copy or pdf of artwork.
• Please send a current print and Rev level.
• To assure crisp text, include all needed fonts or create vectors (outlines). If possible, do not rasterize text.
• Please indicate spot or PMS colors on hard copy.
• Make sure all art is full size or proportional.
• Compressed files should be sent in Stuff-It.
• All graphics should be CMYK for our Digital Printing Process.
• All graphics should be spot colors for our Screening Process.
• CAD files should be supplied in a DXF format.
• We prefer not to receive Corel Draw, Powerpoint or Word files.