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Carpal Tunnel Solution
Market: Medical Device – Carpal Tunnel Therapy
Product: First Hand Medical, Carpal Solution
Innovations: materials recommendations, strategic sourcing, supply chain management


First Hand Medical has a great product used by the consumer to treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Safely and conveniently at home, allowing the patient to avoid the cost and downtime common with Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery. Like many medical companies today, First Hand Medical relies on outsourcing partners to produce their product.  When instability of the current supplier threatened their supply chain, First Hand medical developed a relationship with Innovize.

In addition, a few years later one of the raw materials used in their product was abruptly discontinued. This threatened the quality and availability of their product to customers who rely on the carpal tunnel solution to avoid the pain, sleep loss and other symptoms that accompany Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


Seeing that Innovize had over 50 years in business as well as second generation leadership committed to a state of the art manufacturing facility, First Hand Medical’s President and CEO, Jeffery C. Conley knew he had found the stability and consistency he was looking for in a supplier. Mr. Conley said;

“Innovize has been a key partner in helping First Hand Medical grow by providing state of the art custom manufacturing services. Innovize makes our products like the Carpal Solution with attention to detail and a commitment to quality that exceeds other manufacturers we have worked with. Innovize makes our products cost effectively and to the highest quality standards. I was not surprised when I heard that Innovize had passed their ISO-13485 certification audit, since my expectations have always been exceeded for consistently high quality.”

One of the worst nightmares for any medical product is when an input material is abruptly discontinued. The Innovize team used their materials knowledge and vast supplier network work to come up with alternate materials that they presented to First Hand Medical. While Innovize does not design medical products as that is left up to our customers, we can offer materials alternatives and review designs for manufacturability.


In addition to providing years of consistently high quality product, the Innovize team helped First Hand Medical to find alternative materials and make quick prototypes to test.  Mr. Conley said;

“When there are problems Innovize is proactive in developing a satisfactory solution. We value Innovize as a key partner in helping to achieve our goals of providing the best all natural Carpal Tunnel Treatment to people all over the world. Innovize’s state of the art engineering capability, quality control, and overall cost effective approach, along with their integrity and commitment to excellence on each piece that is manufactured, make Innovize a unique partner in the Medical Device Custom Manufacturing business.”

Innovize is proud to work with customers like First Hand Medical who so directly support our Innovize purpose to;

Create a culture and products that improve people’s lives.

Let’s make it better. ®

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To learn more about the carpal tunnel solution, visit the live link to First Hand Medical’s web site:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a frustrating nerve disorder that can be treated without Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery. The Carpal Solution offers Carpal Tunnel Syndrome sufferers relief from hand pain and finger numbness in weeks. It is a natural Carpal Tunnel Stretching Hand Brace that is worn at night and relieves pressure on the Median Nerve relieving the symptoms of Carpal Tunnel in a few weeks. Carpal Tunnel Stretching Exercise is the best way to treat carpal tunnel syndrome without the complications and downtime common with Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms are listed on this site and a good description of Carpal Tunnel Surgery. The Carpal Solution is a better First Line of Defense for CTS. It applies gentle stretching massage therapy at night at home while you sleep.