Product Development Contributions

Innovize worked with SAM Medical to enhance product designs and produce the Blist-O-Ban blister prevention bandage, as well as the BursaMed line for bed sore applications.

Market: Consumer Skin Care
Product: Blist-O-Ban Blister Prevention Bandage
Innovations: design review, design enhancement, materials recommendations, strategic sourcing, validation runs, expanded market product development support


SAM Medical had a great idea for a skin-contact product line that would help with prevention and healing of blisters and bed sores. SAM had a solution concept; they just needed a good way to manufacture it. A materials supplier recommended

Innovize as a good partner for product development, materials converting and manufacturing.


Innovize helped the SAM team develop their concept into a functional manufactured product. The product concept uses an air pocket and slippery plastics to absorb friction and shear. Innovize helped with design review, materials specification and sourcing, and process development for the multi-layered, complex-composition product. Innovize was able to leverage its experience with skin-contact adhesives and multi-layered patient-care products to speed the product development process.

Innovize produced a short-run validation. SAM conducted field testing with the help of 5000 military personnel in Iraq; the product performed well, except when troops were sweating. Innovize worked with SAM to develop processes with micro-perforations to improve the moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR) and ensure product effectiveness with perspiration.

Innovize engineers helped with the intellectual property contributions, both in working within existing patents and in the development of new patented processes.

Then Innovize helped SAM take another product to market under the BursaMed line. This adhesive dressing for wound care and prevention of pressure sores uses similar technology, inspired by the Blist-O-Ban concept.


SAM Medical was able to successfully launch the field-tested and enhanced Blist-O-Ban product line for consumers and the corresponding BursaMed adhesive dressing line for patient care market. SAM Medical and Innovize have formed a collaborative partnership that transcends the product lifecycle, from concept to next-generation product development.

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