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Working with team members at an innovative catheter securement device company, Innovize helped to streamline the multi-step process and contributed new adhesive specifications, production, packaging and assembly to expedite delivery to market.

Market: Medical – Patient Care
Product: Catheter Securement Device
Innovations: design and materials, streamlined manufacturing, package design, next-generation products


Our client’s product team needed a manufacturing partner to help improve aesthetics and performance in their next-generation designs for their unique securement product. The catheter securement device company sought to reduce steps, time and errors in converting the 5 different layers of materials which needed to be slit, laminated, cut, and assembled into their unique shape, all with high precision. Also, the previous vendor’s hot-melt adhesive was seeping out the edges and collecting debris in use.


The Innovize team engaged immediately with client product managers, engineers, manufacturing and quality representatives to review designs and offer suggestions for improved manufacturability. Innovize recommended and alternative adhesive to alleviate the existing issues. Prototype samples helped gather early field validation, and short-run tests assured scalability for production ramp-up. Innovize streamlined the multi-step process into a single operation on automated equipment, and offered enhancements in packaging design, production and machine-assisted assembly to label and protect product and help expedite delivery to market.


Our client was able to introduce a field-tested, improved-design product to market quickly with streamlined manufacturing processes (reducing errors and delays), new quality assurances and operational efficiencies. They further pre-empted competitive efforts with fast design and launch iterations. The project sparked a successful, collaborative development partnership in which Innovize and the company’s product team introduced seven new products in less than two years….so far.

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