Team-to-Team Collaboration

Market: Diagnostics
Product: Blood Glucose Test Strip Components
Innovations: design review, materials recommendations, strategic sourcing, validation runs, met demanding quality-assurance criteria


As a leader in diabetes testing and care, this company was developing their next-generation blood-glucose strip product, and they needed a long-term partner for a key component as an alternative to their current supplier relationship. In addition to core production capabilities, the company sought extensive quality assurance, a higher-caliber of service, plus top management involvement and commitment in a long-term development and manufacturing partnership.


The team was impressed with their initial visit to the Innovize facility in St. Paul, MN. Innovize gave the client team direct access to Innovize team members at every level, reinforcing the Innovize team-to-team approach. Innovize quality assurance practices passed all quality audits, and the customer engaged Innovize with product development support. Over the next year, Innovize tested materials, inks and production processes to give our customer a fitting product and critical supporting documentation to meet the demanding requirements. Innovize completed qualifications (IQ, OQ, PQ), tested limits, completed FMEA’s, documented quality criteria, wrote processes and completed validations. Before full-scale production started, the company and Innovize signed supply agreements and established disaster recovery plans to assure continuity.


The product launch and the partnership have both proven very successful. Innovize developed and produced input rolls of printed materials to work with our client’s state-of-the-art production facilities and highly-automated, high-volume equipment. Innovize has lived up to the promise of “No Supply Interruptions” – proudly displayed on an all-employee-signed banner hanging on the Innovize production floor.