Innovize in Action

Since Innovize offers custom development and manufacturing, every customer relationship has a unique story. The following case studies share the challenges, solutions and results of select client projects. We invite you to review these project highlights and contact us to review your specific issues and learn how Innovize can apply the knowledge gained from these projects toward your product challenges .

Supply Chain Management

Carpal Tunnel Therapy solution

Market: Medical Device – Carpal Tunnel Therapy
Product: First Hand Medical, Carpal Solution
Innovations: materials recommendations, strategic sourcing, supply chain management
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A Quality Partnership
Team-to-Team CollaborationQuality Partnership

Market: Diagnostics
Product: Blood Glucose Test Strip Components
Innovations: design review, materials recommendations, strategic sourcing, validation runs, met demanding quality-assurance criteria read more »

Engineering Innovation
Product Development ContributionsEngineering Innovation

Innovize worked with SAM Medical to enhance product designs and produce the Blist-O-Ban blister prevention bandage, as well as the BursaMed line for bed sore applications.

Market: Consumer Skin Care
Product: Blist-O-Ban Blister Prevention Bandage
Innovations: design review, design enhancement, materials recommendations, strategic sourcing, validation runs, expanded market product development support
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Product Enhancement case studyProduct Enhancement
Collaborative product development secures better business relationship.

Working with team members at an innovative catheter securement device company, Innovize helped to streamline the multi-step process and contributed new adhesive specifications, production, packaging and assembly to expedite delivery to market.

Market: Medical – Patient Care
Product: Catheter Securement Device
Innovations: design and materials, streamlined manufacturing, package design, next-generation products read more »

Cutting-edge Materials
Innovize Helps Improve Electronic Display Performance and Speed to Market

In a matter of days, Innovize specified a new thermal-pad material and laser-cut prototypes for testing, improving performance and speed to market for an electronics-display assembler.

Market: Electronics
Product: Thermal Pad for Display
Innovations: design review, materials recommendations, prototyping, close-tolerance laser die cutting. read more »