Welcome to Innovize, your stick-to-skin wearable device experts!

Thank you for coming to the Innovize website to inquire about a converter for your wearable device project using Avery Dennison Materials. Innovize will work with your electronics, or even your chemistry and your selected materials from Avery Dennison to make a finished wearable device, packaged and ready for your customers to use. Last year, more than 40 wearable sensor projects were started at Innovize. Many of those are on the market today.

Innovize is an industry leader in quality and is committed to providing products that meet or exceed quality and regulatory requirements.
ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified. FDA Registered, GMP Compliant. Korean GMP. Click here to learn more about our remarkable quality system.

Avery Dennison and Innovize are industry leaders in their respective fields, making their partnership a superior choice for manufacturing your device. Avery has extensive adhesive knowledge and a Quick to Market program that complements Innovize’s converting knowledge and Speed to Market process. We’ll deliver your product to the market faster, with the highest quality. Together, their teams are focused and collaborative in solving your project needs.

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Our Customer Focused Teams are second to none and will be with you every step of the way. We will take your project from prototype to high-volume production. Our experienced Business Development Managers have anywhere from 20-35 years of experience in medical contract manufacturing and will be invaluable to you as your product comes to life.

Capabilities & Processes

Innovize offers custom development and manufacturing solutions – including converting and contract manufacturing – for product designers, developers, engineers, and supply chain managers. With a wide range of custom manufacturing capabilities, Innovize can serve as your complete production division, an extension of your in-house capabilities, or as one of several in your portfolio of converting and manufacturing partners. We’re here to help you make it better at each stage of your product manufacturing process. Some of our capabilities and processes include:





Die Cutting

Laser Cutting




and Robotics


Our team has years of experience serving several Markets. Our team will make your product better at each stage of design, development and manufacturing. Our collaborative partnership will fuel your next-generation product designs and product family extensions, offering custom business solutions to meet your greatest challenges.

Medical Device Manufacturers

Wearable Sensors

Personal Care

Patient Care



Navigate around our site to learn more about our capabilities and processes. At any time, click on the green bar at the bottom of your page to tell us a little bit more about your project.

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