Innovize Helps Improve Electronic Display Performance and Speed to Market

In a matter of days, Innovize specified a new thermal-pad material and laser-cut prototypes for testing, improving performance and speed to market for an electronics-display assembler.

Market: Electronics
Product: Thermal Pad for Display
Innovations: design review, materials recommendations, prototyping, close-tolerance laser die cutting.


A large electronics assembler had been using a silicon-based gap pad material to dissipate heat for its lighted displays. However, the silicon-based material bled through and dissipated heat from the face of the thin display – a common problem as electronics continue to be miniaturized.


As a preferred converter for 3M, the Innovize team is trained in the latest 3M materials and has access to the 3M technical staff for product application issues. Based on their intimate knowledge of 3M materials, Innovize specified a 3M 5590H acrylic thermal pad material to alleviate the bleeding issue and reduce the display-area heat dissipation issue experienced with the silicon-based thermal pad materials.

The client typically would have order rolls of raw material samples for direct review and evaluation. However, with direct access to 3M materials and technicians, the Innovize team quickly sourced and converted materials, delivering finished parts to the client for testing, and saving time and resources for the product engineering team.


Innovize used laser-cutting equipment to prototype samples for testing, eliminating tooling cost and completing in just a few days. The prototype testing confirmed the new material eliminated the bleeding issue of the previous silicon-based thermal pads. Once samples were tested and approved, Innovize moved into high-volume production using a precise die-cutting process. The electronics display customer was able to speed evaluation and reduce time to market.

The customer’s engineering and purchasing teams noted plans to use Innovize for future projects and shared thoughts about working with the Innovize team: “They are quick and reliable. They have been helpful in providing samples and working on quotes and pricing for various materials.  They have also been very responsive when we’ve had any questions about the product.”

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